» Check out Rene Trossman new CD, called Im on a Roll. Available now, produced by Jan Korinek.
» SHARON LEWIS is coming back to CZ for a special tour at the end of September-beginning of October. Don't miss!
» AUTUMN 2011 - Korinek joins new international band with great german guitar player Barbara Jungfer together with Martin Novak. 2nd half of October - GROOVE goes on tour with SHARON LEWIS for almost two weeks. In November and December Korinek makes his return to JazzClub U Stare Pani for a couple shows with GROOVE and his related projects, GROOVEKEEPERS with Najponk and Groove with Alice Bauer. See the calendar for actual dates!
» !!! Stay tuned for GROOVE & Sharon Lewis Tour - October 17 - 29 !!! WWW.BLUES.CZ
» As you see in the calendar, there are not many Groove gigs - we are taking a small break but don't worry not for long. Don't miss the JazzDock gig on the 20th of February.
» GROOVEKEEPERS - new groovy band is born! NAJPONK-KORINEK-ROBERTS-VOKURKA. Attention: Funky as hell.
» !!!BLUES TO SOUL festival!!! Jazzclub U Stare Pani 26.12. Najponk-Korinek-Vokurka plus one, 27.12. Rene Trossman Band, 28.12. Jan Korinek and Groove + Osian Roberts, 29.12. Jan Korinek and Groove + Alice Bauer, 30.12. Marcel Flemr Band. Hammond B3 for all of the shows...
» Zveme Vás na 3 podzimní koncerty - 18.11. Jazzdock with Alice Bauer a Osian Roberts, 19.11. Kino Řevnice - guests Alice Bauer a Rene Trossman, DVD projection - Chick Willis, Sharon Lewis, 20.11. Slánské Jazzové Dny, with Alice Bauer and UK Horns.
» NEW VIDEOS - GROOVE + UK HORNS (Osian Roberts + Nick Etwell) - Live at Jazzdock.
» New slideshow/video from spring tour with Sharon Lewis and The UK Horns - HERE!
» Catch us on a tiny spring Groove tour starting 3-24 in Prague, ending on 4-9 in Karlovy Vary.
» NEW VIDEO - GROOVE featuring Alice Bauer - Live at JAZZDOCK
» On March 6th we will play a show as a support for Jaga Jazzist at Palac Akropolis in Prague.
» Don't miss - the last show with Alice Bauer for quite some time - Feb. 28 at newly reopened club Malostranska Beseda
» Here is a sample song from our upcoming CD with Alice Bauer - available for download HERE.
» J.K. is on tour in Poland with a great guitar player from Atlanta, Barry Richman. The band is called Supergroup and it's led by bassguitarist Lukasz Gorczyca.
» We have a couple gigabytes of recorded music, the session went great! Now we are waiting for the best record label to come in... Photos from the recording and the shows can be found here.
» Starting on the 1st of September, we will be recording a new blues album with the great ALICE BAUER (voc) and guests Osian Roberts + Nick Etwell. Don't miss the shows at JazzDock on Sept. 4 and 5!
» GROOVE had a really fun gig at Blues Sklep with some guy by name of Ashley Slater (Freak Power) sitting in for the whole show. Looks like it's not the last time we will work together right Ashley?
» GROOVE and CZECHBLUES.COM is preparing a tour with SHARON LEWIS for May 2010, with guests OSIAN ROBERTS (sax) and NICK ETWELL (trpt)
» J.K. is planning some extensive recording in the summer, be ready :)
» Groove performed four shows in a new Prague club JAZZDOCK with four different guests (Osian Roberts, Rosta Fras, Rene Trossman and NAJPONK). The shows have been recorded and we are thinking of a way to make some sort of release, maybe in the fall...
» The shows in Austria were successfuly recorded and now we'll see what to do with that :)
» GROOVE is getting ready for two short tours in Austria with special guest Rostislav Fras(sax) in January and March 2009. Don't miss!
» Thank You Chick Willis for an unforgettable experience in playing and being around you. Photos and video from concerts can be found here.
» TROSSMAN-KORINEK BAND presents - CHICK WILLIS(74) - coming soon for 3 concerts (Prague, Castle Stirin, Usti Nad Labem) - READ MORE!
» Small tour coming up: GROOVE featuring Charles Sawyer (voc, hca). Only 4 concerts!
» New design of website - thank you Linda Kriegerbeckova ( for design, Martin for MHTML, Jirka and Rene for translations. Most of the photos were taken by Paul Krugloff
» New reviews to be found in section PRESS.
» New CD GROOVIN FOR LITTLE V finally released!!!!! See the CD section for more.
» New videos at YOUTUBE.COM
» Last part of new cd has been finished, the cd will be released at HardBop Records in the UK
» TV Recording of concert for CTV 2, will be broadcasted later 2007.
» Jan has a road-hammond b3, if you're lucky you'll catch a concert with "the beast"
» Radio Broadcast of GROOVE show on 06-28-2006 5:45pm at Czech Radio 3 - VLTAVA
» Groove at MYSPACE.COM - listen to songs from upcoming cd
» Live recording of groove - Feb 11 and 12 at Jazzclub U Stare Pani
» EB DAVIS at U Stare Pani, 05-27-2005 !!!
» The first show with new member of Groove - Bedrich Smarda
» The last show with Jakub Dolezal. It was a groovy night :) Thank you KuDo for sticking with us for so long!!! Wish you luck in your musical ideas!!!
2000  » Jan Kořínek and Groove featuring Eb Davis, BluesAlive Sumperk download
2001  » Jan Kořínek and Groove featuring Lorenzo Thompson, BluesAlive Šumperk download
2002  » Jan Kořínek and Groove featuring Sharon Lewis, Brno. Stara Pekarna download

2005  » Fire Eater - Jazzclub U Stare Pani - play
2005  » Ain't nobody's business if I do - - Jazzclub U Stare Pani - play
2005  » Hot Barbecue - Jazzclub U Stare Pani - play
2005  » Funkaroma, Eddie Harris - Jazzclub U Stare Pani - play
2003  » Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do, Národní dům Ústí nad Labem (2003) - stáhnout
2003  » Cold Duck Time, Národní dům Ústí nad Labem - stáhnout
2003  » Funkaroma, Jazzclub U Stare Pani - stáhnout
2002  » Jan Kořínek and Groove featuring Sharon Lewis, Brno. Stara Pekarna - play
2001  » Jan Kořínek and Groove featuring Eb Davis, from CD I Write The Checks - play
2001  » Jan Kořínek and Groove featuring Lorenzo Thompson, Brno, from CD Good Rockin Tonight - play
1998  » Annie's Boogie, Korinek-Trossman-Pavelka trio play
1998  » Cissy Strut, featuring Karel Ruzicka Jr. (sax) - play
1998  » The Thrill Has Gone, featuring Stan The Man Volarz (git,voc) - play
1997  » 19 Years Old, featuring Mike Jackson (voc,git) - play
1997  » Caldonia, featuring Lorenzo Thompson - play
1997  » Back At The Chicken Shack, featuring Mike Jackson (sax) - play
1997  » I'm Gonna Move, featuring Ramblin' Rex (voc,git) - play
1997  » Next Time You See Me, featuring Ramblin' Rex (voc,git) - play
1997  » Sweet Sixteen, featuring Ramblin' Rex (voc,git) - play
1995  » Long Cool One, featuring Joe Crump (sax) and Jan Korinek (bass)- play
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